Remedial massage

Why choose Remedial massage?  A Therapeutic and Holistic massage focusing on areas of tension and tightness aiming to release the build-up of restrictions of your muscles, and improve joint range of motion. It is highly recommended that regular treatment can be beneficial as a preventative form of hands-on therapy towards injury prevention, and to maintain optimum health that modern lifestyle demands. By doing so realigning your body to normal function.

whats in a session, each session is customized to suit your individual needs and Starts with listening to your needs and what you want to achieve from the session. Some assessments, Techniques such as trigger point therapy, joint mobilization, cupping, moxa, stretches, and incorporating breathwork may be used for better treatment outcomes.

90 minutes     $ 145

60 minutes     $ 100

45 minutes      $85

Swedish Relaxation massage

This massage aims to rejuvenate, revitalize, and restore your body to a sense of calmness by applying different levels of pressure in long flowing strokes. Listening to your body and taking that feedback into the treatment is an important aspect of the massage

90 minutes     $ 145

60 minutes     $ 100

120 minutes    $ 185


Hot stone massage

Using warm volcanic Basalt stones and some cold stones, this massage aims to balance the Yin and Yang energy flow of the body. Yin signifies cold elements and Yang signifies hot elements of the planet. Environmental factors can have a negative effect on our body on a day to day basis. This massage helps to rebalance and harmonize your body with the environment that we live in.  Also includes chakra balancing and Jade Gua sha face massage.

90 minutes    $ 155

60 minutes    $ 120


Hot stone Remedial or Relax massage

Incorporating Himalayan salt soap and hot stones in treatment

60 minutes     $ 120

Pregnancy massage

An essential part during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester of pregnancy for total relaxation and eradicate pain patterns. This massage is personalized and may include some gentle stretches and some deep tissue work around the hips.

90 minutes     $ 150

60 minutes     $ 105


Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for purchase at the time of your visit to the clinic for your appointment.

vouchers also can be emailed to your loved ones and friends.