Sherydan Fernando,    who am I and what I do, my journey

As a Remedial massage and foundation body works Practitioner, I use various techniques and have optimized my own UNIQUE style of massage incorporating years of industry experience into customized sessions. I am passionate about the work that I do, and engaging in continued professional education to learn new skills gives me the opportunity to incorporate that knowledge base into achieving positive treatment outcomes. One of the most important aspects of my cultural upbringing has contributed immensely to how I envisage wellness,  in which massage, yoga, and Ayurveda practices are part of everyday life. Exposure to massage from a very young age has taught me the benefits and values of managing pain, physical discomfort, decreasing stress levels, and the connection that massage has to our mind and body.

I am a strong advocate and believer in organic wellness. Regular exercise, yoga, meditation, and breathwork are some of the wellness tools that I personally use to keep my mind and body aligned. I have also had the privilege to live and work in Hong Kong, UK, and the UAE prior to my migration to Australia in 2005. During the course of my time, I have been blessed to learn from industry professionals here in Australia and overseas and I use this knowledge to further develop my profession.


                                                            All these elements combined,

     hence my journey continues on to help you with your wellness goals in the form of massage.